HP 100 - HP C9368WN Photo Gray Remanufactured HP Ink Cartridge

Product: HP #100 Remanufactured Photo Gray Inkjet Cartridge

Part Number: C9368WN

Also Known as: HP #100, HP9368WN, HP9368, HP C9368, C9368


* HP DESKJET: 460C, 460cb, 460wbt, 6520, 6520xi, 6540, 6540dt, 6540xi, 6543, 6830V, 6840, 6840DT, 6840XI, 6940, 6940DT, 6980, 6980DT, 9800, 9800D
* HP OFFICEJET: 6310, 7210, 7210V, 7210XI, 7310, 7310XI, 7410, 7410XI
* HP PHOTOSMART:2575, 2575V, 2575xi, 325, 325V, 325XI, 335, 335V, 335XI, 375, 375B, 375V, 385, 385V, 385XI, 422, 425, 428XI, 475, 475V, 475XI, 2600, 2610, 2610V, 2610XI, 2710, 2710XI, 8050, 8050V, 8050XI, 8150, 8150V, 8150XI, 8450, 8450XI, 8750, C4180, D5069, D5160
* Output Pages: 200

Ship via USPS First Class or Priority Mail, deliver within 2-4 business days

All Remanufactured HP #100 Ink Cartridges carry 90 days warranty and are backed by our 100% satisfaction guaranty.

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